Note from the Provider...

My journey up until now has almost been like a dream. About 6 years ago started to work as a personal nanny for a family extremely dear to my heart. Within few days I was convinced that this is what I wanted to devote my time to for the rest of my life and to the best of my abilities. Since then I have never looked back and started all the necessary requirements to prepare myself to become a Professional Childcare Provider.

It has been extremely heart-warming and encouraging to see all the respect shown by all the parents that I’ve come across, towards my Daycare. Taking care of kids has never felt like a job or business as it is truly a passion. I grateful for my two son’s, as they helped me understand those feelings and a special bond a mother share’s with her child. And by the grace of god my elder son and my daughter-in-law have now given me a beautiful grand-daughter to take care. I do want to thank my husband in helping me, not just as a assistant in my daycare but also his appreciation in my work as it gives me courage.

My main goal as a childcare provider is to make sure that every child I take care of in my daycare stays healthy, happy and feels extremely secure.  I look forward to interact with you, to ensure a healthy and bright future of your child.

Thank you.

                                                                                                                                                    - Tarulata Bhatt


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