We enjoy working with infants and we are warmly responsive to their needs. All interactions are characterized by gentle, supportive responses in a simple language with frequent eye contact. We respond to sound they make as the beginning of communication, playful interaction with babies is done in ways that are sensitive to the child's level of tolerance for physical movement, louder sounds, and other changes.

For the ages Two and Three Year Old we focus on language and communication skills, particularly as they relate to sharing, problem solving making friends and developing self-help skills.

For the ages Three or Four Year Old and Older, the routines are planned to help children in social cooperation, interactive skills, problem solving skills, independent thinking skills, and language skills. Our primary goal is to help these children get ready for a successful transition into kindergarten.

Activities for respective age groups

  All our activities are practiced to promote either educational, social or creative skills through play.  We work hard to provide kids a safe and secure environment where they can have fun and learn at the same time. Activities may include art & craft, Toys (Fun as well as educational toys), Dance & movement, Book reading and Story tellings.

We concentrate on maintaining a loving and supportive environment for child's growth.

We make sure every child gets to play with toys and activities according to his/her respective age group.