Age grouping and group size

Taru Daycare is designed and licensed to care for a maximum of 9 children. We provide care for children of the ages of six months through 12 years. To enhance the quality of the care we provide, we have limited the number of children in each group and are following strict guidelines to maintain the staff/child ratios as set out by the licensing board. (A copy of our license is on display in the kitchen area).

Pre-placement and trial visits

We encourage parents and their child to spend a couple of hours with us before they enroll their child in our care. This gives them a feel of our philosophy of child care and allows us to see how the child fits in. We request that parents make an appointment with us to schedule such visits.

Enrollment Paperwork

Parents are required to complete and sign the following forms at the time of enrollment:

  1. Registration form

  2. Child care agreement

  3. A complete Certificate of Immunization Status

  4. A written consent for the child to receive emergency medical care.


Download forms by clicking here

 Waiting List
Enter your child’s name in our online waiting list form for our records and we will contact you as soon as a space is available. 
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