Do we close on Holidays?

Daycare is closed on following holidays:
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Years Day

Do we allow pets?

We do not allow any pet in the daycare at any time. Visiting parents should leave pets outside the daycare.

What is our smoking policy?

Our home daycare facility is a no smoking place. Smoking is only permitted outdoors in unlicensed space and out of view of children.

What is the our Insurance policy?

Taru Daycare Home is covered with the child care Insurance according to law RCW 74.15.340.

Do we provide potty training?

As a service to the parent we provide toilet training to a child if the parent desires so. We work with the parents in deciding when to initiate the process and how to keep it going. We also supply training pants if the parents so desire.

When can parents visit their child?

All parents have free access at all times to all areas of the home that are used by the children. Parents who wish to have a conference/meeting with the care provider are welcome to do so with an appointment.