Can you provide references?

Yes. They are available upon request.

Are we trained in First Aid?

Yes and in CPR.

What hours are you open?

8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. We can be flexible, if necessary.(additional fee may be charged)

What are your overtime policies?

An additional fee may be charged. We still believe in flexibility for parents, so in some inevitable situations fee's may be excused.

What is our Refund poilcy?

Except as mentioned in our Termination Policy (Policy Book provided in person) , our policy is of no refunds.

What is our Termination Policy?

We require the parent to give us a 30 day notice. In case of a notice shorter than 30 days being provided, the parents shell be responsible to pay 15 days of day care charges to Taru Daycare.